Carbon links

European Carbon Association - ECA encompasses national carbon groups from European countries. The primary purpose is to promote carbon researches in Europe

British Carbon Group

Arbeitskreis Kohlenstoff, Germany

Grupo Espanol del Carbón

Groupe Francais d'Etude des Carbones

The America Carbon Society

Sussex Fullerene Research Centre

Commercial Sources of Nanotubes - supplier list of carbon nanotubes

Physical properties of carbon nanotubes

Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics at Cornell University - website of McEuen's research group

The Nanotube Site!!! - "the primary purpose of The Nanotube Site is to facilitate the exchange of ideas among researchers by concentrating links to sites dedicated to nanotubes. One of the benefits is to provide an easier (or better structured) electronic access to bibliographical information and preprints. Information about providers of nanotubes is intended to increase the production volume and find new applications for nanotubes"