The 11th Scientiffic-Technical Conference: Carbon materials and Polymer Composites is scheduled to be held on 17-20 April, 2018. Registration form available for download here. Conference flyer available for download here

30th anniversary of Polish Carbon Society

The founding meeting of the Polish Graphite Society was held in Zakopane in 1998. As the original name of the Society did not fully reflect the field of scientiffic interest, the name of the Society was changed into "Polish Carbon Society" in 2006. A ceremonial summary of the 30 years of PCS activity will take place on 18 April 2018, during the 11th Scientific-Technical Conference: Carbon Materials and Polymer Composites, in Ustroń Jaszowiec.

Competition for the best submission for Carbon 2018

Young scientists are invited to participate in competition for funding the conference fee of Carbon 2018. More ... (in Polish)

About PCS

Polish Carbon Society was set up to support and co-ordinate both basic as applied research in the field of carbon materials. The aim is also to improve the synergy between research and industrial centers. The society was established at 27.09.1988 during the 9th Polish Graphite Conference in Zakopane (65 founder' members) and was registered at 22.02.1989 in County Court in Nowy Sącz. From 12.07.2000 the society has been a member of European Carbon Association. The society co-operates with journal Karbo. The organization of the Annual World Conference on Carbon in 2012 in Cracow has been alotted to the Society.

Statutes of Society (in Polish)

Membership fee, 40 PLN/year, should be transferred to the account: BGŻ S.A.-O/Racibórz 26203000451110000000617430

Memebers' declaration - download the Word file

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